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  • One in three women experience some form of domestic violence.
  • Domestic abuse is the number one cause of Emergency Room visits by women.
  • Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted by her partner.

If this is you, or you know someone in this situation, It is imperitive that you seek help immediately.

1. What geographical region does Esther House cover?
As far as we can reach, as long as a woman meets the requirements and there is room for her and her family, we will accept her into the Esther House regardless of where she lives.

2. How would women and children be selected?
First, they must be referred through an abuse shelter or church, then they would have at least two interviews (one by phone, one in person) with someone from the Esther House.

3. How many families can Esther House accommodate at one time?
We can accommodate up to 24 people.

4. What do you expect the cost to operate the Esther House to be?
Our total estimated budget is $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 a month.

5. How long will a family stay at the Esther House?
No less than 6 months and no more than 18 months. Much like going to the gym, if you start out with a lot of extra “baggage” it will take longer to “get into shape” than for someone with less baggage.

6. Will there be a limit of people per family?
Yes, a family may occupy only one bedroom.

7. Will there be an age limit on children?
Yes, age seventeen, subject to approval from the board.

8. How will visitation of family members and friends be handled?
Anyone who visits the Esther House will be pre-screened and approved by the Executive Director. Once this process is completed, the approved guest may visit on designated days, times and locations.

9. Will the Esther House be a “secret” place?
No, because it is not a shelter. There will be no need for it to be secretive.

10. Will there be screening for drugs?
Yes, we will reserve the right to have random drug tests on anyone who lives at or works with the Esther House.

11. Will the Esther House have a staff doctor?

12. How many people will it take to man the Esther House in a 24 hour period?
There will be at least one staff person at the house at all times.

13. What are your plans for security?
All doors to Esther House are always locked. In addition we have installed a state of the art security system. We have also implemented a safety plan and work closely with local law enforcement.

14. Will the children be attending Cumberland County schools?

15. How will the security of the children attending school be provided?
Cumberland County Schools have excellent guidelines in place for all children who attend school and we feel these guidelines will be sufficient for the children at Esther House.

16. Will the primary person in the family be expected to contribute to the cost of living?
Yes. Everyone enrolled at Esther House will be required to work and contribute to the Esther House.

17. Will conjugal visits be permitted?

18. If a woman decides to leave the Esther House before completing the program can she re-enter at a later time?
Yes, however, it would depend on the circumstances that she left the house and she would have to again meet all the requirements.

19. What will the outline of the program be?
The Esther House will be a Christian-based program that will strive to meet all aspects of a woman’s life – spiritual, emotional and physical. We will address things as basic as making a budget, housekeeping, and writing a resume. The most important thing that will be addressed will be their spiritual growth. The ladies’ relationship with Jesus Christ will be where most of our time and focus will be spent. We will do this through daily studies and guest speakers.

20. Will there be by-laws set up?

21. What would constitute a person being asked to leave?
Breaking the rules and guidelines set forth and agreed upon prior to entering the Esther House.

22. How do you expect to maintain the cost of running the Esther House?
The majority of the money used to fund Esther House will be raised through fundraisers such as Evening of Hope (our largest fundraiser each year) and donations from individuals and corporations who believe in our cause. We also plan to offset some of the cost by asking organizations and churches to “adopt a room,” i.e. adopt the laundry room and supply laundry soap and bleach, or adopt a bathroom and supply toilet paper and soap, etc.

23. If you have a resident that does not abide by the house rules or is a threat to others at the house, are there steps in place to remove/evict her & her family?
Yes, when a woman comes into the Esther House she will be required to have on her account enough funds to purchase a bus ticket to her home town or to her next destination. Women with children are not required to have money to relocate when they arrive.

24. If your referrals are to be from outside agencies, how will Esther House benefit our own community especially those women in need locally?
We will work closely with abuse shelters for women who are in need of immediate help. Women from Cumberland County who meet the guidelines have the opportunity to take advantage of the entire Esther House program with the exception of living at the residence. Esther House does, however, advise women of organizations that can help them with housing.

25. In the event that Esther House ceases to exist what will become of my donation?
The law states that money designated for this cause may not be used for any other purpose. Therefore, all money would then go to another home for battered women.

26. What oversight will the Esther House have?
The Esther House Board of Directors will have oversight.

27. Who is responsible for overseeing the finances of the Esther House?
Esther House treasurer in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

28. Will the women be required to work and contribute monies to the house for themselves and/or their families if financial aid is not available to them?
Yes, the women will be required to contribute to the house, however, it may not be in monetary form.

29. Will the Esther House provide job training?

30. Will there be an overseer of the house 24/7?
Yes, there will be staff at the home at all times.

31. Will attending Church be a requirement?

32. What if you have a referral to the house that considers themselves already a Christian that practices under a certain denomination and at some point disagrees with the Christian teaching that you plan on incorporating?
The foundation of the Esther House is based on the fact that Jesus Christ came to Earth, was born from a virgin, died on a cross, shed His blood for our sins, and the only way to Heaven is by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The women who come to live at Esther House will know this is our belief before they come to live there.

33. Will state and federal law apply to the house if funds are accepted from either, and if so how will you allow it to affect the overall purpose of Esther House?
No, we will only accept funds that will not interfere with our Christian beliefs.

34. Though you plan to have a board of directors and other committees in place, who will ultimately be responsible for the total workings for the house?
The Executive Director in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

35. As community involvement is important to a ministry as large as you see Esther House becoming, how do you intend to unite the community in this cause?
We are developing a project committee for the Esther House, this committee will be made up of individuals throughout the community and any churches who wish to be involved. This committee will play a huge role in developing fund raisers and community events. We have also begun to develop an advisory committee which will be made up of Pastors in and around our community. This committee will advise the Esther House on decisions that need to be made. This project is too big for one person or one church. This truly will require a community effort.

36. What goals need to be met in order to make this a reality?
We must raise awareness and secure monthly donations.

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Computer use can be easily monitored. If you are in an abusive situation, please use a safe computer, such as one at your local library, or another public use site.

DO NOT use your computer at home to access websites dealing with domestic violence.

For immediate assistance, call 911, your local hotline, or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE (7233) or TTY (800) 787-3224.

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